Wicked Flying Model Ships

Packaging, Concept Development

What if you could make a flying ship? Wicked Flying Model Ships took a different approach to the traditional model ship collectibles. Instead of buying an assembly and crafting your boring typical ship with sails and string Wicked flying Model Ships provides you with an already made mini ship that the consumer have to add to and decorate to make them more then just an ocean vessel but a voyager of the skies. Along with the ship the consumer is provided with materials, such as additional string and rods, pre-made wings, model turbines, propellers, a model blimp, and even a display box to showcase the creation.

The concept is biased o of Terry Gilliam’s Miracle of Flight animation. The main character in the story was astonished by the idea of man in fight, so, hysterically Gilliam juxtaposed flying elements to the character as if he was trying to make himself into a flying machine. For my concept and design I created my own characters based on idioms such as pigs flying.