Service Design, Branding, UI/UX

Enjoy the beautiful Historic Savannah in the most convenient way with Ride Peachy Bikeshare. Avoid traffic and get the best parking spots while having a peachy day. At each station scattered throughout downtown Savannah there is an opportunity to enjoy and preserve the southern Georgia community we all love. 

Extensive research and analysis on competitors, other bikeshares, transportation systems, and the local community to find opportunities for innovative solutions. The goals were to diverge for insights then converge on systems to make this service work for the Savannah community.

Process & Research


Savannah has the perfect climate, topography, and city structure for a well-established bikeshare. With a proper bicycle infrastructure Savannah residents and visitors can share a fun bike share system while commuting, running errands or just enjoying the historic land marks. And Georgia is known with their peachy lifestyle so why not celebrate that with an adventure on two wheels.


The people of Savannah deserve some relaxation and the community wants to be happier and heathier. Why not give them something to be peachy about? By revisiting the bicycle infrastructure, we can make the roads safer for everyone and grow our biking community. The bikeshare will connect businesses and attractions to people in a whole new way. 


Working with local officials and the Savannah Bicycle Campaign we will restore and build bike lanes and protected bike lanes throughout the city. This will develop safer, stress-free roads for new and current bikers. Next, we distribute Ride Peachy bikes and stations strategically along bike lanes, business and tourist attractions. Then we enjoy a beautiful peachy ride through historic Savannah, Georgia.



Lincon Street

One-way streets

One-way streets like Lincon and Price Street will offer the most protection from traffic

Protected Lanes

Protected bike lanes will offer bikers a stress-free zone separated from motor traffic

Routes & Lanes

Represented in the map on the left are the recommended routes and bike lanes throughout the city

Two-way streets

More visible green lanes will be painted on quieter two-way streets like Barnard Street

Rumble strips

Rumble strips will be used to alert drivers when they cross into a bike lane

The Bikes



Intersections through major bike lanes will allow bikers to be upfront stopped traffic

Bike Stations

bikes and stations strategically along bike lanes, business and tourist attractions


New signs will represent historic Savannah while showing bikers where to go and where the bikeshare stations are. 

Bikeshare Stations


Ride Peachy Stations

Here is an example of a Ride Peachy bike station outside a local grocery store. They are brightly colored and display a clear background with native natural landscape imagery. Each station will be covered with a curved overhanging roof to protect the bikes from the harsh sun and rain. At different sizes, each station will be monitored to make sure there is about half as many bikes as there are dock to allow room for people arriving.

The kiosk will double as an onboard digital interface and display for information, location, map, and safety briefing. Each one will be powered by solar energy. 


The App


A beautiful app design that enhances the adventure and makes the process easier. You can navigate your way through town, find bikes and stations, track your miles and environmental impact, and even win trophies! 

Navigation, profiles and trophies!