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An empowering marine life educational experience for local schools in Savannah, GA. The purpose is to get local kids excited about Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary and teach them that they have the power to save the world. The project consist of a mobile bus exhibit, VR experience, marine biologist engineering creative lab, and a website.


In no affiliation with Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary or NOAA. This is a fictional project for educational purposes.

Use catchy, fun text to tell people what you offer.

Process: Design thinking for innovation


The Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary lives just 19 miles from the coast of Georgia. With only one of 13 beautiful and protected marine sanctuaries right in our backyard, we have an excellent opportunity to teach and engage our future generations about life in our oceans. The Gray’s Reef is very important to coastal communities and city of Savannah. We need the next generation to learn that they have the power to protect our marine life and ecosystems.

The Mobile Exhibit

Gray’s Reef Discovery Fleet repurposed a hybrid transit bus into a full Gray’s Reef discovery exhibit that features breath-taking murals of the sanctuary, marine aquatic sounds, interactive displays, and a wonderful learning experience.


We do this by bringing the Gray’s Reef experience to the kids on our Gray’s Reef Discovery Fleet. It starts with a hybrid transit bus repurposed into an exhibit to take a new marine life educational experience to local schools.

The Workshop Experience

While having fun and enjoying a creative way of learning the students will have the opportunity to get serious and create their own innovative solutions. After introduced to Gray’s Reef, the students are presented a problem and work as a team to brain-storm solutions and make their ideas come to life.

1. Define

Start off with a introduction of the Gray’s Reef and a walkthrough of the exhibit. Then define a problem the students need to solve.

3. Prototyping

Here we start to build and create our ideas with various prototyping and building toys. Their ideas come to life with hands-on discovery.

2. Ideation

During this phase the students, with a little inspiration from the instructors, brainstorms creative and wild ideas to solve the problem.

4. Implementation

While building their prototypes, the students can test and see how their creations work in our Gray’s Reef replica aquarium.

The Website

A virtual space where kids, parents, and educators can go to learn about Gray’s Reef and the Discovery Fleet, book dates for us to visit their school, take virtual dives, play games, and much more!